Canada's Longest Running Hunting Series
2017 Episodes

Episode #1: TJ hunts cape buffalo with Tinashe Outfitters.

Episode #2: TJ hunts roe deer in Poland then heads to the NWT to fish for giant lake trout.

Episode #3: Vanessa tackles the elusive Barbary sheep in Africa with Lalapa Safaris.

Episode #4: Vanessa draws an antelope tag in southern Alberta.

Episode #5: Plains game and Cape buffalo in South Africa.

Episode #6: Vanessa heads to BC to hunt cougar.

Episode #7: TJ hunts the high mountain of the Eastern Cape for Barbary sheep.

Episode #8: Plains game a lion hunt with Tinashe Outfitters.

Episode #9: Vanessa hunts the high country of BC for mountain goat.

Episode#10: Vanessa hunts warthog and bushpig in South Africa.

Episode #11: TJ targets the grey ghost of Africa, the kudu.

Episode#12: TJ heads back to Poland on a roe deer hunt.

Episode #13: Vanessa targets plains game with Lalapa Safaris.
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